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Art Gallery


An amazing gallery to see.

Come on in and be inspired by the Santa Fe River.

Merrillee continues to follow her passion

Merrillee is often seen at the Farmer’s Market in High Springs creating paintings of fruits and vegetables. Her interest now is painting images of the north Florida terrain, specifically the Santa Fe River.

Quality art inspired by nature

Educated and talented in art Merrillee continues to follow her passion

Our gallery showcases some of the area finest professional artists. Come see how they have captured the beauty of the Santa Fe.


Curtis Whitwam

Nina Koelmeyer

David Dobbins

Karen LeMonnier


PJ Lamb

Margaret Ross Tolbert

Melissa Harris

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

Doug Jipson

Tina Corbett

Stacey Breheny

Mike Segal



Leslie Peebles



Frank Curtis

Beth & Bill Fewell


John Moran

Darcy Lanton

Lesley Gamble

Ray Carson

Jim Tatum

Linda Randall

Mark Long

Danielle Shmalberg



Barbara Knutson



Bernie Reller

Barbara Henricks

Kristi Hodge

Wendy Jacobs

Fishen Vixen


spring boyes