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Canoeing And Kayaking

Several paddling options available

Our shuttle service provides convenient drop off at the U.S. 27 Bridge or Rum Island  Park and pick up service at either Rum Island Park or S.R. 47 Sante Fe River Park so you can go out on your time. We offer both single and double kayaks for rent. You can also take a canoe down the river. Our goal is to get you on the water the easiest way possible. We'll make sure you have a life jacket and a whistle too!


Enjoy the serenity of the river

Whether you like to kayak or canoe we offer the opportunity to do both.


When you go out you can rent for a half day (up to 4 hours) or a full day (up to 8 hours) depending on how long you would like to be out on the water. Please call us for more options to suite your needs. Every time you visit the river it changes, so you will never see the same thing twice.

Keeping our river clean and safe

You are welcome to bring drinks and snacks along on your river adventure. We ask that you not litter or leave behind any garbage that might be harmful to our river and it’s wildlife. Bring a dry bag to protect your valuables. You may also bring a mask, fins and snorkel and swim and paddle into the springs. Some springs are private and charge admission if you go ashore.

With river essentials such as sunscreen and snacks we have everything you'll need when you visit.

Enjoy a canoe or kayak ride

Several Paddling Options Available Canoeing And Kayaking Are Much Fun Keeping Our River Clean And Safe

What an excellent (and exceptionally affordable) canoe/kayak rental. Of course we enjoyed the Santa Fe River and the adjoining springs, but we also enjoyed the service (this includes their lovely dog, Princess). The art inside the gallery is worth a glance, too. Will definitely return in the near future. Thanks for a great time!


- Scott Sundvall

Shuttle Customer Kayak, Paddleboard or Canoe            $15


Kayak, Paddleboard And Canoe Rental


* Single Kayak Rental      

* Paddleboard (SUP) Rental

* Double Kayak Rental      

* Canoe Rental                

* Includes Paddle, Vest, and Shuttle service





Sale $29

Sale $45

Sale $49

Sale $45

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